Dapoxetine – the secret of tireless lovers!

Dapoxetine is one of the most effective prolongators of sexual intercourse helping people with premature ejaculation to delay the onset of orgasm. Also, Dapoxetine is an excellent solution for those men who want to go beyond the boundaries of their physiological norm, since this drug has an identical effect on a healthy body. Statistics show that the average woman takes 2 times more time to get an orgasm than the average man.

The use of a prolongator does not blunt the sensitivity of the nerve endings, that is any sexual contact is accompanied by pleasant sensations and the man does not lose pleasure. Dapoxetine has a mild effect on the nervous system eliminating manifestations of anxiety and stress. This additional property increases the value of tablets in the fight against disorders in the intimate sphere. Treatment of erectile disorders is highly effective.

Highly recommended Dapoxetine pills:

With their course and long-term use, a man can achieve a stable therapeutic effect.

Once in the body, the drug is absorbed, reaching a therapeutic level of concentration in the blood for 30 minutes. Its effect on the body is as follows:

  • inhibition of serotonin release and its penetration into brain neurons
  • relieving nervous tension
  • restraining the onset of ejaculation

The tablet should be taken at least half an hour before sexual intercourse. To have the necessary effect on the body, the substance must be metabolized and reach a sufficient level of concentration in the blood. This process is not affected by food intake, but the use of alcoholic beverages should be completely abandoned.

The duration of action of the substance and the ability to restrain the onset of ejaculation is about 4 hours. In the future, the concentration of dapoxetine begins to decrease. During this time a man can make love counting on the possibility of prolonged sexual contact.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, a man can use tablets containing 30-90 mg of the active substance. The standard dosage (60 mg) helps reduce the effect of serotonin on the brain’s receptors that cause orgasm. Ejaculation is delayed, and the erection of the penis is preserved, as a result, sexual partners get more time for intimacy and mutual satisfaction of sexual needs.

In the sexual system of men, failures and functional disorders are often observed. A lot of experiences and problems for couples are caused by premature ejaculation – a fairly common pathology that manifests itself as a lack of volitional control over the process of ejaculation. Rapid orgasm, which occurs at the moment of foreplay or at the initial stage of sexual intercourse, deprives partners of sexual satisfaction. To combat this type of disorder, prolongation medications have been created, the base substance of which is dapoxetine. With the help of dapoxetine you can take control of the duration of sexual intercourse and significantly extend the time of its completion.

In the presence of complex pathologies the joint use of a prolongator and potency regulators (generic Cialis, Viagra, Levitra) is allowed. There are also drugs that already contain these substances together with Dapoxetine creating optimal conditions for excellent sex.

The drug-prolongator can be taken once and in a course – much depends on the severity of the pathological process and therapeutic goals.

Like many modern drugs, Dapoxetine was discovered completely by accident. Initially the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly developed it as an antidepressant but during research scientists noticed the surprising effect of Dapoxetine on men. After consulting the Board of Directors decided to develop the drug in the direction of the prolongator and after additional research they released the drug of the same name. Johnson & Johnson has been trying to buy the Dapoxetine project since 2001 but Eli Lilly gave it up only in 2003.

By 2010 Dapoxetine gained maximum popularity and it became known in almost every corner of the world. The most famous drugs in the world based on Dapoxetine are Priligy and Westoxetine, also widely distributed generics of Dapoxetine. The most high-quality of them are presented on our website.

During treatment, you should:

  • Choose the correct dose and do not exceed the daily recommendations
  • Monitor the time of taking pills (one hour before sexual intercourse)
  • Refuse to drink alcoholic beverages
  • Study the recommendations contained in the instructions for the drug

Failure to follow the rules of admission is accompanied by the risk of adverse reactions that can worsen the overall health and provoke the appearance of unpleasant symptoms: abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, insomnia. Alternatively, you may experience allergic reactions.

Advantages Of Dapoxetine

  • performance that eliminates the need for a long wait for the effect to occur
  • effectiveness that allows you to prolong sexual intercourse by 3-4 times
  • soft action on the body, which reduces the risk of adverse reactions
  • compatibility with controllers of potency
  • long-lasting effect

Contraindications to reception

  • serious pathologies of the heart and blood vessels
  • liver and kidney problems
  • treatment of pathologies with a number of drugs-antagonists
  • bipolar disorder

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Showing 1–21 of 23 results