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edstars1.com accepts no liability for the usage of any provided products. The material and all information included on this site is for general informational goals only, and is not supporting and promoting to take anabolic steroids or other drugs. By reading and viewing this CONTRACT and buying steroids you agree to save edstars1.com harmless its personnel and managers.

edstars1.com does not advice, encourages, owns, or attempts to obtain anabolic steroids. That is why this website can not assume responsibility for the actions taken by viewers and buyers.

The information and descriptions offered in this site are not individual professional medical advice or suggestions but are commonly based on subjective and speculative values. Every person taking these medicines firstly has to consult a licensed doctor as their improper and wrong usage can cause damaging and durable side effects. We disapprove completely the administration of steroids by minors for higher athletic performance.

The information from edstars1.com is provided “as available”/ “AS-IS”. The information used on this domain may contain errors, problems, bugs or other limitations. We including every our affiliated parties don’t assume responsibility whatever for your use of any service or information. We and our affiliated parties are not liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages (such as damages as loss of profits, or business and lawsuit). The denial of damages set forward above is fundamental aspects of the basis of the deal between us.


The orders are delivered to the addresses provided by you within 7-12 business days. It has to be mentioned that delays in delivery from time to time are outside of our control. Any dates that we provide you for the delivery are estimated only and we will not be responsible for any charges, damages, costs, losses by the Postal Service, or charges caused by any delay in delivering, unless caused by our carelessness.

You become the owner of the products you have purchased when they have been delivered to your detailed delivery address. Once the parcel has been delivered we no longer take responsibility for any damage or loss of the goods. The ordered products are not returnable or refundable.


In case when wrong shipping address or receiver’s name is provided by the customer, the order can be miss delivered. edstars1.com doesn’t take any responsibility for losses of orders caused by such mistakes.

If you have not received the order within 30 days of the moment when you made your payment, you must let us know by writing at our contact address within 10 days all information about order, payment, and shipping information.

If it was delivered incorrect quantity or other wrong goods you have to notify us within 7 days of delivery, and our only obligation will be to resend the package or to return the money.

Some countries require that you possess a valid doctor’s prescription previous to using and ordering various drugs online. Limitations may vary from country to country.

If a certain product is protected by local laws, it is your liability to verify and to obtain such prescription. If in doubt, we advise you to consult your local FDA, Customs House or Doctor.

Prices and Availability of the products can be changed without any further notice.

After your finish the process of purchase, it will be sent an electronic mail which will contain, your order number, specification of your order, full sum to be paid etc.

We don’t take liability for verifying the import regulations and requirements of the purchase and its country of origin.

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I’m at least 21 years old or more.

I’m aware of the pharmacological action and side effects of all the items I purchase.

I’m not addicted to any drugs I’m purchasing.

I’m aware of correct dosages and instructions for each and every purchased drug.

I confirm that I purchase for LEGAL USE.

I got to know and understand the local laws in my country connected to purchasing prescription required drugs and agree to hold the owners of edstars1.com website innocent for my own actions.

I have true and valid prescription for ordered drugs and I take all of them under doctor’s control.


The data contained in the Website is provided just for informational goals and is not meant to substitute for the recommendations provided by your personal doctor or health care expert. We strongly advice you not to use the information published on the Site for treating either diagnosing health problems, or prescribing any drugs.

Affirmations regarding any benefits are formed on the individual results of users described in uncontrolled conditions. Individual results may be different from user to user. Products are not for use by person under 21 years.

The details presented on the Site can not be considered medical suggestions and recommendations. Lawfulness concerning anabolic steroids, and other related drugs vary from country. If these drugs are unlawful according to the local laws, please do not take an interest in their use. By entering this website, you have got to know the disclaimer of responsibility and agree to hold the owners and employees of edstars1.com FREE from any criminal either civil liability.

Provided drugs are not proposes to prescript treatment or prevent any illness. This information has not been examined by your local Food and Drug Agency. Our website and the domain name “edstars1.com” represents some products that can increase blood levels of steroid hormones in the human body, can be toxic for some human organs, and must not be used by minors.

International Customs Laws It is your liability to determine whether online purchases of drugs in your area are forbidden under local laws.


By taking membership, you prove that the information provided in different forms is correct and that you agree to fulfill the conditions of the Terms of Use of this website. Your membership may be cancelled at any moment without notice if it is found out that false or deceiving information has been given, or the Terms of Use have been violated. If membership has been canceled, edstars1.com reserves the right to refuse in restoring rights to the membership program.


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You can’t return the products, it is not safe for you as a buyer and for us to return them.

In case of seizure the better choice is to reship your order for You, we will need to send the seizure letter scan ONLY at 300 dpi (to avoid scammers).


edstars1.com reserves the right to make contact with a Member via Skype or email to check the accuracy of account information (including the Member’s correctness of address and name) that is needed to provide by Member during registration on edstars1.com.